Cree LED Lighting

Sunbelt CWS is an authorized distributor and lighting agent for Cree LED Lighting, the industry leader in technology and innovation.

The LED Advantage

Choosing the LED option has it advantages, such as saving energy, eliminating maintenance costs and returning on investment.


Energy Savings

LED uses 60-70 percent less energy to operate than metal halide or fluorescent lighting.


No Maintenance

The is no lamp or ballast to replace.


Return On Investment

LED lighting normally pays for itself within the warranty period, or two to five years.

Superior Light Quality

  • Cree Tru-White Technology
  • Uniform Light Distribution
  • Increased security camera resolution
  • High CRI for full color spectrums


Lighting Services

  • Consultation and Technical Assistance
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Lighting Evaluations
  • Photometric and Design Layout