Example Page

H1s are for headlines.

This is normal body copy. This passage is set at 100% wide and the text is centered.

The Padding option is checked.

Here’s another H1.

This passage is set at 50% width with a background color of #dd6e6e. White Text is checked. Padding is unchecked.

Because both passages are 50% they will fit on a single line and because both have no padding, they are flush with the top/bottom of the containing blue background.

(Note that the passage with the red background color—this one—must have more content than the subsequent passage in order for the row to appear flush. Try adding an image to the passage with the H2 to see the difference.)

H2s can be headlines, too.

This passage is 50% with no background color. Padding is unchecked.

This row has a 33% width with this text and a 67% width passage with an image.



Full width

This 50% width content goes all the way to the left edge.

There are a couple empty hard returns above and below this text to force the height of the row a little taller.


This 25% width content sits between the two sections.

This 25% width content goes all the way to the right edge.

The Gallery

The gallery builder (below) doesn’t have an area to add descriptive text, however, it’s simple to add a passage section above, like this.

In addition, setting the same background color between this passage row and the gallery below creates a seamless section.


This is used on the Special Offers page


This is actually a regular Passage builder; when all is said and done, there is more control—and more understandability—in adding the location buttons below in the regular edit box.

To create a button, insert the link with the link button and then switch to Text view. Add class="filled-button" or class="hollow-button" to the a tag. Note that there are no hard returns or spaces between the links; this keeps them from jumping to their own lines.

As a clever hack, just copy & paste the entire list of links below and then change ‘filled’ and ‘hollow’ as desired.


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